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In addition to the 46 years of experience, there are thousands of constructions VERTICAL has undertaken. Due to the volume of sales it has always been among the top 3 companies in Greece.


1970s - 1990s
The beginning

Developing the first sliding aluminium frames (AT150 + AT700 system) and opening aluminium windows (A700) by Antonis Tsimpikos, founder of the company.

Investment in new equipment

Pioneering modern equipment is aqcuired for the production of synthetic frames.

Collaboration with Schüco Company

We begin trading and installing Schüco's pioneering systems: patios, skylights, retractable windows, leafy doors, entrances etc.

Moving to private facilities

We transferred the production to our 4000sqm private facilities in Loutraki, with the most advanced equipment.

Collaboration with EXALCO A.E.

One of Greece’s biggest extrusion and system development companies.

Undertaking big projects

Active participation and undertaking a large number of projects, in view of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

VERTICAL Showrooms

Athens, Korinthos, Loutraki, Chios, Aigio, Mesologgi a.o. Host their own VERTICAL showroom and a growing sales network of 20 other collaborating showrooms.

Minimal Windows

Introducing pioneering minimal windows series.

Ascending period

Participation with ORAMA in major international exhibitions in Europe. Exports 40% of sales. Equipment upgrade - the company currently has 3 CNC machines.

High-profile projects

Undertaking luxurious residential and hotel projects in Greece and abroad.

What is there to come?

Total rebranding and upgrading of services. Undertaking high profile projects in the residential and hospitality sectors in Greece and abroad.


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